The German Symposium

Initiated in 2002 by German LSE students and hosted by the LSE German Society ever since, the German Symposium has become an important date in the university’s calendar. During the Symposium we examine current issues relevant to Germany and its role in Europe and the world. Featuring a wide variety of events ranging from keynote speeches to discussion panels, we offer the opportunity for political and intellectual debate. Over the years we have consistently attracted renowned economists, executives, politicians and academics to speak at the Symposium.

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Risking Transition

In 2017, the guiding motto “Risking Transition” will serve as a springboard to launch into detailed discussions on a variety of current affairs. Transition in the political, business and cultural landscape is the all-pervasive feature of our time. The kind of transition we witness today is faster than ever before. Countless opportunities await. However, transition also involves risk – changing the status quo is always a leap into the unknown.

The concepts of ‘transition’ and ‘risk’ will allow us to explore the many current events shaping Germany & Europe, ranging from the new Anglo-German relationship in a post-Brexit environment, Germany’s role in Europe and the global economy, as well as the impact of disruptive technologies on various European markets.





The LSE German Society cordially invites 40 students currently studying in German speaking countries to the German Symposium. As “Scholars of the Symposium” they discuss key issues related to German and international current affairs with renowned speakers.
Panel discussions and workshops with some of the leading experts in their respective fields provide an excellent opportunity to dive deep into important subject matters. As a means of direct exchange between students and speakers, the programme aims to inspire passionate debates and encourage a flow of ideas beneficial to both sides.

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